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How much does this cost

Keep it simple

How much does it cost?
KEEP IT SIMPLEThis also applies to our prices.
Pay per user.
A monthly fixed price.
Terminable monthly.
Announce monthly.
Don’t worry about licenses, updates, upgrades or backups.
No need to buy a new server, no need for an external IT company anymore.
Even your network administrator is no longer necessary.
These are just a few advantages.

We mean what we say.
Keep it simple.
Cost savings

Check possible cost advantages for a particular IT-environment by cloud computing with the TCO-Calculator Experton Group on Business-Cloud.de.

The software compares the investment and operating costs of a professional in-house data center infrastructure with the alternative sourcing of IT resources from the cloud.

The calculator therefore requires from you the framework data for the planned server capacities, in detail, the number of developments, tests and production servers used as well as the performance of the storage network.

Likewise, the calculator takes into account the term, capacity utilization and the expected growth of the infrastructure in subsequent years.

As a result, you will receive a statement of the total costs for the two operating models of the infrastructure you are planning.