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Soziales Engagement

Soziales Engagement

Sometimes you have to do something yourself.
We just wanted to contribute a very small part.

Spontaneous helpfulness

In a financially difficult situation, reader Maria N. (name changed by the editors), because the relatives' care allowance, which she receives for her 15-year-old granddaughter, is counted by the Vienna Municipal Department 40 as her income and therefore the guaranteed minimum income is reduced proportionally - the Ombudsman reported.

For Mrs. N., this means running short of spending each month and sometimes turning over every penny twice. "Schooling and other important things have to be paid for, for example, the purchase of a laptop is out of the question," said the Viennese. According to our report, Stephan Raab, managing director of Eins A Systemhaus GmbH, spontaneously agreed to provide a notebook for Ms. N.'s granddaughter to make her school day easier.