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Eins-A kommt nach Hamburg


"From now on we are also in Hamburg",
tells Stephan Raab, managing director.
Eins-A Systemhaus GmbH has been successfully outsourcing its entire IT to its own data center for more than a year now.
No matter if ERP solution, banking software or other individual (networkable) programs, almost all applications can be taken over, whether for Linux, Windows, Apple IOS or Android.
As a basic configuration, we also offer the complete Office 2013 package, including Exchange with its own customer domain.

Advantages for the customer:
Savings of up to 30% of current IT costs are possible - no longer buying your own servers, no longer worrying about licenses, backup, maintenance, updates or upgrades (exception of self-provisioned applications) - the customer rents at a fixed monthly rate, the pro User is billed. This allows an exact cost calculation, since each user can be logged in or canceled monthly. - Home Workstations, Distributed Locations, Field Sales Representatives are all managed on a shared-server server - optimal protection against data loss and data theft - different languages ​​for foreign employees or offices are possible
Zwtl .: For SMEs and startups, we also offer our exclusive cooperation with Successcontrol.de

One-A Easy Office Package as Software as a Service.
The package includes the complete Office 2013 including an already 100,000 times sold CRM system, as a simple and clear CRM software solution.
The program offers even more than a good billing software and order and address management. As a compact, easy-to-use customer contact management system, SuccessControl combines the elements of address management with customer administration, a convenient program for generating invoices and an extremely clever marketing and project management tool in the familiar and familiar Microsoft Office environment.

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Representative office Hamburg Raboisen 38 20095 Hamburg Tel. +49 (0) 40 4143115462

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